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Gramercy Park in New York | Danny Nassi

Known as both “Gramercy” and “Gramercy Park,” based on the context, Gramercy is one of Manhattan’s most exclusive, quiet, historically rich, and quaint of Manhattan’s neighborhoods. The very exclusive private park (one of two in all the city) from which Gramercy takes its name is a beautiful two-acre refuge from the metropolitan bustle, which characterizes so much of New York City. As for the surrounding neighborhood, Gramercy, it is comparatively small by Manhattan standards and is home to a wealthy population of fewer than 30,000, making it a relatively small community.

History runs deep in Gramercy. Its lengthy narrative intersects with innumerable chapters of America’s distant and more recent past, and to an extent that outshines even those similarly antiquated neighborhoods by which it is bordered. Centuries old structures line the streets, while statues of famous former residents can be seen both within the park itself and throughout the surrounding neighborhood.

There is a sense of New York City’s brilliant and storied tapestry running through the blocks, buildings, and landmarks of Gramercy, a characteristic that serves to augment its already prestigious identity. The promise of safe and well-maintained streets is often enough to attract affluent homebuyers. Couple that promise with close ties to a paramount past, and the prospect of residing in Gramercy becomes supremely ideal.

Living in Gramercy

A lot can be discerned about the livability and attractiveness of a given neighborhood based on a close look at its past and current residents. And like many of Manhattan’s communities, Gramercy has seen its fair share (or more) of high profile inhabitants, which places living in Gramercy as among the nation’s most high profile of residential situations. A look back at the 19th century, for example, reveals that former Presidential candidate and New York Governor Samuel Tilden once lived in Gramercy, as did Players’ Club founder and famous Unionist actor Edwin Booth.

More recently, actress Uma Thurman and philanthropist Chelsea Clinton have both called Gramercy home. In short, the park and its surrounding neighborhood offer their residents a degree of sanctuary and class which, when combined as such, elevate living in Gramercy to a plane of posh tranquility. Because of the neighborhood’s modest size, inventory is routinely in short supply, which necessitates considerable expertise in identifying your own patch of Gramercy’s noteworthy history.

Skilled broker Danny Nassi possesses exactly the sort of experience and real estate knowledge necessary to help you narrow down your search and secure a favorable deal when the time is right.

Gramercy Park Real Estate

While a great many Manhattan neighborhoods have undergone extensive modernization in recent decades, much of Gramercy has remained largely intact. This is certainly the case from an aesthetic standpoint, as much of the real estate in Gramercy speaks to bygone eras, politely insisting on a fusion of past and present. There certainly exists an element of the modernly elegant and sophisticated throughout the real estate in Gramercy, but where possible, history and legacy have been preserved.

Danny Nassi will be pleased to guide you through the real estate particulars of Gramercy Park and its esteemed community.

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