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Notorious well beyond New York City for its artistic contributions to American culture and experience, Greenwich Village is synonymous with creativity, with countercultural movements, with human expression, and with the changing landscape of our shared national experience. Any number of iconic figures within the arts have either come from Greenwich Village originally or called it home at one point or another in their lives.

Folk music, specifically, is uniquely and closely tied to the Greenwich Village mythos and the two have been intertwined with one another in a sort of double helix of shared identity for half a century’s time.

And to its great credit, Greenwich Village (or The Village, as it is colloquially known) has evolved over the years. Rather than embalming itself in the trappings of its creative heyday, Greenwich Village has changed its residential veneer from decade to decade. Which is not to say that this has been done in defiance of the Heritage Greenwich Village proudly protects, only that Mr. Dylan’s verse on those “changin’ times” have also been taken into account architecturally, aesthetically, and even economically. Forever a landmark neighborhood of incomparable significance to the arts and to the country’s socio-cultural identity, Greenwich Village is essentially a peerless community both nation and worldwide.

Living in Greenwich Village

An aspect of the neighborhood’s Bohemian element that has persisted well into the 21st century is its distinctive and comparatively modest real estate footprint. Living in Greenwich Village makes for a very real and quickly discernible departure from New York life in nearby neighborhoods.

Rather than high-rise towers and sprawling townhouse complexes, Greenwich Village residences tend towards row housing and mid-rise apartment buildings. This is very much in keeping with the community’s self-image, so to speak, and sets Greenwich Village apart from much of what many outsiders might typically associate with New York City living.

That said, The Village residential scene has also been on the receiving end of considerable modernization and stylish upgrading in many cases. And understandably so. After all, scores of celebrities and creative Titans have called Greenwich Village home over the years. Attracting and maintaining such a premier class of resident requires (or renders inevitable) the enhancement of certain home and/or apartment structures.

Fortunately, the price of modernity has not been high. Greenwich Village has maintained its status and credibility as a hub of artistry, creative energy, and free thinking. Living in Greenwich Village carries with it the promise of proximity to those brilliant qualities.

Greenwich Village Real Estate

Whatever else can be said of the neighborhood, real estate in Greenwich Village is a remarkable blend of old and new. With a consciously cultivated sense of the past, The Village has maintained close ties to its cultural heritage. But the real estate in Greenwich Village has benefited from considerable investment in its upscale makeovers and active gentrification.

Place your Greenwich Village residential hunt in the hands of an established and notoriously successful broker and stake your claim on a piece of prized New York City history.

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