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Named in accordance with the area’s portmanteau convention, NoHo, or “North” and “of Houston,” is one of many wealthy and landmark-rich neighborhoods within the borough of Manhattan. Because the neighborhood is so replete with architectural landmarks, NoHo is essentially an entire historic district unto itself. And as for the history itself, NoHo has experienced a sort accordion effect in terms of its identity.

Though NoHo had been a home to incredibly wealthy families throughout the 19th century, by the 20th it had transformed in large part to become more of an industrial hub. Of course, a residential presence did persist throughout the period, but much of the posh veneer, which had been cultivated throughout earlier generations, was diminished as manufacturing interests continued to gather steam.

Eventually, and after much of the NoHo neighborhood’s housing had been displaced for purposes of industrial progress, many factories and plants began a mass relocation to the city’s outskirts. This was a mid-20th-century phenomenon, which led to a predictable abandonment of countless buildings. And as had happened in nearby Manhattan neighborhoods, many such buildings would go on to be occupied by aspiring or established artists, creators, et cetera.

Like those other neighborhoods, this migration of the creative class into a once industrial district left an indelible imprint on the community. Experiencing this stimulating dynamic in a residential capacity is a simple matter of reaching out to respected real estate broker Danny Nassi and arranging for a series of showings.

Living in NoHo

A major development in NoHo’s relatively recent history is that of a sustained and thorough gentrification process. What the process has succeeded in doing is effectively embalming the various elements of NoHo’s noteworthy past which have most contributed to its present appearance (and appeal). What you are essentially left with after so consciously realized a gentrifying period are layers of neighborhood history stacked one atop the other, which renders living in NoHoespecially attractive to those who cherish a broad range of human experience. Plenty of architectural residue from the manufacturing heyday is very much in evidence, as are a few hallmarks of that bygone era which preceded the industrialization period by several decades.

Perhaps most prominently preserved and showcased are the neighborhood’s creative flourishes and those characteristics that hailed directly from the post-World War II incursion of artistic types. Living in NoHo inevitably exposes the denizen to a spirit of inventiveness that might very well be lacking in any other neighborhood. What better reason to begin your partnership with successful, client-focused, and trusted real estate broker, Danny Nassi? The prospect of being immersed in high culture should provide more than enough incentive in that regard.

Real Estate in NoHo

By and large, the real estate in NoHo is limited to apartment-style loft units. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, but the loft lifestyle is central to NoHo’s residential identity. Thankfully, for those looking to buy or rent in NoHo, the units do range extensively in terms of size, price, and location.

Danny Nassi will happily leverage his expertise in placing you with a NoHo home perfectly commensurate with your expectations.

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