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Though the portmanteau “NoMad” is fairly recent and effectively combines “North” with “of Madison,” the public area it denotes stretches back historically to at least a century prior to the founding of this republic. With Madison Square Park as NoMad’s nominal centerpiece, the district is as much a tourist destination as it is a prestigious residential community. Much of the housing in the NoMad area has its origins in the mid-nineteenth century, the period during which wealthier New Yorkers began taking up residence in the area, though home-building and renovation have been mainstays of the community for quite some time.

Throughout the following decades, and leading into the early-20th century, the area now termed “NoMad” became highly regarded as a hub for shopping and various culturally rich activities, and has further cultivated this image across the generations.Being a part of the NoMad community can be as straightforward a process as establishing a business relationship with successful real estate broker Danny Nassi.

Architecture is central to the NoMad story, and to its place in the larger New York City collection of neighborhoods. Among these are towering structures recognizable as much by name as by image, along with several notable hotels. With respect to the former, many celebrated and beloved structures such as the Baudouine Building and the Grand Madison are nestled within NoMad’s neighborhood limits, enriching the surrounding area with their beauty and their historical significance. As for the latter, hotels such as the Gershwin and the Ace Hotel are as emblematic for their distinctive appearances as for the stories surrounding their origins, renovations, and present place in the NoMad architectural garden.

Proximity to these and other similarly recognizable, gorgeous, and legacy-rich buildings and hotels are very much within reach, provided your real estate search and subsequent transaction is helmed by the excellent Danny Nassi, a highly successful broker in the space.

Living in NoMad

There is no shortage of good reasons to consider living in NoMad. The neighborhood has been home to a large plurality of notable residents and has always been famous for its wealth and premier properties. But those things aside, the neighborhood cultural qualities are among the most stunning one can hope to find in all of Manhattan. A number of museums, iconic retail establishments, and premium restaurants line the streets of this most marvelous of Manhattan neighborhoods.

Excellent public schools, colleges, and design academies also populate the neighborhood, which ensures a rich and academically vibrant experience for those living in NoMad. Elements of this sort contribute to a first-rate residential scene and one with which Danny Nassi is closely familiar. Securing a foothold in the NoMad enclave is a very real likelihood with the right broker.

Real Estate in NoMad

While brownstones and mansions are well represented in the neighborhood, real estate in NoMad is diverse in terms of style, size, price, and location. All of this is to say that finding an ideal NoMad home for your tastes and price range is well within the realm of possibility. Make that plausibility, provided you contact Danny Nassi right away.

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