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The history of SoHo’s residential identity is as unusual as it is compelling. A portmanteau of the terms “South” and “Houston,” the name “SoHo” simply denotes the neighborhood’s being situated south of Houston Street. In an interesting confluence of names, “SoHo” is also a nod to a London area known as Soho (notice the lower-case “h”). As the two are homonyms, “SoHo” can interchangeably apply to both its location within New York City and to a clever English reference. All naming business aside, the SoHo neighborhood has seen a great deal of change in its day, with many favorable developments having come to pass in recent decades.

From its agricultural origins to the cast-iron revolution, which overtook it in the mid-19th century, SoHo was fated to experience considerable transformation over the years. By the 1970s, SoHo experienced an unanticipated departure of business from its commercial corridors. This led to a building vacancy which hordes of artists and otherwise creative souls were happy to correct.

Soon, the rise of Joint Live-Work Quarters would breathe life into the largely cast-iron buildings of SoHo. The SoHo-Cast Iron Historic District was formally designated in 1973, and the face of SoHo was forever changed.

Living in SoHo

A recent change to the SoHo neighborhood is that of active gentrification, an upgrading of existing building structures and the creation of new ones on previously empty lots. This has rendered living in SoHo very attractive to upper-class buyers and to those attracted more generally to the idea of cohabitating with one of Manhattan’s more eclectic communities. Not unlike its Greenwich Village cousin, SoHo is notorious for offering its residents a profound blend of historical connection, artistic stimulation, and a wide array of retail and restaurant options. This combination of practical needs and abstract outlets is a signature aspect of living in SoHo, as any of its residents will happily report.

Whether you are a lifelong sculptor, a student of the arts, or a hustling professional with a taste for the creative, the SoHo neighborhood is rife with a splendid array of residential options. Place your trust in seasoned, trusted, and highly successful real estate broker Danny Nassi when preparing to either purchase, rent, or sell in SoHo. Doing so will guarantee you easy and painless business, not to mention a favorable buying/renting/selling outcome for you.

Soho Real Estate

As one of Manhattan’s most character-rich of neighborhoods, SoHo is famously replete with houses and residential complexes characterized by charm, distinction, and (more recently) a great many qualities, which suggest considerable affluence. In short, real estate in SoHo is more than the sum of its parts. After all, the neighborhood’s ongoing gentrification process has done little to diminish its standing with the larger New York City artistic community. Instead, the influx of wealth and prestige have elevated the community as a whole, creating a scenario which has real estate in SoHo very much in demand by a bevy of would-be buyers and renters. This has also created a favorable selling environment for those so inclined.

Work with Danny Nassi to secure your own sale, purchase, or rental agreement; the experience promises to be favorable all around.

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