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Upper West Side, New York | Danny Nassi

New Yorkers are often said to be rather tribal when it comes to the specific boroughs and neighborhoods to which belong or in which they were raised. Many are impatient with outsider misconceptions as to which landmarks and buildings are found in which part of the city, which accent variations are specific to which areas, and which side pulls for the Mets over the Yankees. This is important to keep in mind when placing the Upper West Side into its broader New York City context.

A neighborhood of the Manhattan borough, the Upper West Side is well known in the area for its wealth and high-end residential scene. In fact, the UWS is far less commerce-oriented than are other neighborhoods on the island, with many of its residents commuting elsewhere and returning to their peaceful refuge of a community at day’s end. Collaborate with knowledgeable real estate broker Danny Nassi in identifying the Upper West Side home most ideal for your own housing needs and location preferences.

Recognized within broader New York City culture as being Manhattan’s academic core, with Columbia University located therein, the Upper West Side is a distinctly cerebral neighborhood with a strong reputation for supporting and showcasing the fine arts. Chief among its artistic cornerstones is the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, which includes The Juilliard School, the Metropolitan Opera House, David Geffen Hall, and Walter Reade Theater.

Put simply, between its Ivy League research university and the nation’s premier artistic complex, the Upper West Side is arguably Manhattan’s highest plane of intellectual and creative endeavor, perhaps even the nation’s. Being a part of this remarkable testament to human ingenuity is simply a matter of placing your trust in the skilled hands of a consistently successful real estate broker.

Living in the Upper West Side

With a population of just over 200,000 inhabiting a space of around two square miles, living in the Upper West Side certainly qualifies as a stimulating community experience. A series of several bus routes and two major subway lines keep the population bustling about efficiently, and one is never more than a stone’s throw from delicious cuisine or excellent shopping. Living in the Upper West Side also places its residents in close proximity to a host of excellent schools, private and public, K-12 and higher education.

This is not the sole factor rendering the UWS a prized residential area for families—the neighborhood is also replete with museums, historical sites, and pristine parks. Living in the Upper West Side is within reach for those looking to inhabit a distinctively erudite and affluent community. Establishing contact with a top-tier brokerage is a sensible move where bringing that vision to fruition is concerned.

Real Estate in the Upper West Side

Apartment-style homes and lofts are highly characteristic of real estate in the Upper West Side, with famous buildings such as The Dakota encapsulating the neighborhood’s recognizable residential theme. Townhomes and stand-alone houses also exist throughout, though these are not necessarily typical of real estate in the Upper West Side.

When you are ready to make your own home in this spectacular neighborhood, place yourself in the hands of respected broker Danny Nassi.

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