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Located in the borough of Manhattan’s lower portion, the West Village is a largely residential neighborhood with a reputation for the concentration of wealth and prestige nestled within its borders. A sister neighborhood to the artsier East Village, the West Village is considerably more posh and tony in terms of its broader perception. Manhattan real estate is highly regarded for being on the pricier end of what is available within the greater New York City metropolitan area. Even by that standard, the West Village is unusually expensive, luxurious, and exclusive. It is, in fact, among the most expensive in the republic, with square foot pricing in the $2000 range.

What is perhaps most notable about the West Village is the neighborhood’s balance between a high standard of living and a feeling of accessibility. More specifically, the neighborhood is home to a number of dining establishments and storefronts that, though of high quality, are nevertheless rather quaint and inviting in their presentation and in their operation. It as though whatever socioeconomic forces elevated the West Village to its present socioeconomic heights managed to leave intact much of the neighborhood’s fundamental charm and community sensibility.

Living in the West Village

Not unlike several Manhattan neighborhoods, the West Village’s history has periodically intersected significantly with a wide range of artistic movements and cultures. Much of the architectural and social residue accumulated throughout these intersections have persisted into the present, which ensures living in the West Village is as mentally stimulating an experience as it is socially elite. A number of quality of schools populate the West Village, which is attractive from a family standpoint, to say nothing for the neighborhood’s extremely low crime rate. Danny Nassi is well informed as to the West Village’s livability index and is eager to inform his clients in that regard.

Living in the West Village promises an element of class and residential sophistication that is high even by the lofty standards of Manhattan. A perfect blend of gorgeous properties, brilliant museums, handsome parks, and bustling commerce, the West Village deserves every inch of its residential pedigree and the reputation which has elevated it to a place of supreme exclusivity within the Manhattan real estate scene. Work with Danny Nassi in tracking down your purchase or rental within the community. He is closely acquainted with what is available and excels at pairing clients with properties.

West Village Real Estate

The real estate in the West Village is among the most expensive and lavish in all of New York, even by Manhattan standards. With a broad range of housing styles throughout the neighborhood, real estate in the West Village is as stylistically diverse as it is premier in its quality. And the location is essentially impossible to get wrong when shopping real estate in the West Village, as virtually any house sits within close proximity to good shopping, excellent dining, and any number of interesting venues. Arrange for a visit to your future West Village home with Danny Nassi as your knowledgeable guide.

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