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The East Hampton Historical Society’s House and Garden Tour turns 35 this year

Modern house located at the famous Hampton area along Dune road. Long Island , New York

Each year, the Hampton Historical Society conducts a House and Garden Tour featuring five houses of architectural significance, both historically and in contemporary terms.

This year, 2019, marks the 35th year the tour has been in existence.

The previous year, over 600 people attended the tour. They visited the following homes:

William H. Babcock House

The William H. Babcock House dates from about 1720 and first stood on Main Street. It was relocated in 1964 (South-of-the-Highway) and renovated from 2016 to 2017. The home has had two new wings added to the original, colonial portion. Some rooms in the original portion of the home were remodeled to suit new functions and windows were replaced to make them look more uniform. Other portions of the home retain their original character. The second-floor bedrooms still have very low ceilings, for example, and the home’s steep attic stairs have been preserved.

David Huntting House

The David Huntting House was constructed right around 1800, with the porch and dormer windows added in 1923. The dining room is furnished like a colonial tavern with exposed ceiling beams and showcases a pewter collection. The front door is flanked by two pilasters (decorative, non-load-bearing, flattened versions of columns). Inside, another unique example of the home’s style is a curving staircase. The David Huntting House is a fine blend of old and the new.

Adirondack Resort

The genesis of one of the finest homes in the East Hampton Historical Society’s House and Garden Tour comes from the exclusive Saranac Lake Camp in the Adirondacks. The timber frame home has a great room, a formal dining room, and a natural, earthy look, with fieldstone fireplaces and flagstone patios. Thick oriental carpets and heavy oak furnishings highlight the strong style of this home’s era.

Modern House

This glass-walled home was designed by the architectural firm of Stelle Lomont Rouhani. Situated on Bluff Road and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this modernistic building’s exterior has been softened by interior designer David Netto’s creations. Warmth, color, a pleasant mood, and even a contented ambience are the result.

Salty Dog

Designer Jessica Della Femina created a technologically current home that could blend with the cottage homes on Wainscott Main Street. The name “Salty Dog” was coined by the designer, in part for her like of salty foods and in part, for her dog, Nacho. The home’s façade resembles a Cape Cod cottage. The home has four en suite bedrooms, a pool, and has separate outdoor areas for dining and sitting (complete with a fireplace). The home’s unique underpinnings include furnishings and decorations that are mostly from estate sales, including a marble fireplace, a spa, a steam room, French doors, and a bunkroom that sleeps 12. The kitchen is fully equipped with marble countertops, refrigerators, freezers, a wine cooler, and coffee makers.

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