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Simple yet Extravagant Homes Stand Out in the Hamptons

Simple yet Extravagant Homes Stand Out in the Hamptons

The Hamptons is not just a weekend getaway for the affluent – it is a prime location for primary and vacation homes, attracting buyers from around the world.

It is also a hotspot for interior and architectural design, offering a vast collection of luxury homes with distinctive qualities.

A glorious 19th century restoration

Designer Jack Ceglic and architect Manuel Fernandez-Casteleiro joined forces to restore a shingle-style beach house to its former glory, taking care to preserve the 2,000-square-foot property’s simplicity amidst the sheer opulence that surrounds it.

Homeowner Jonathan Sheffer, an accomplished Hollywood composer, had already tried and tested the duo’s abilities in previous projects – his East Hampton home, and a townhouse in Greenwich Village.

Instead of bringing new and trendy design elements into the home, Ceglic and Fernandez-Casteleiro stripped away several additions made in the 20th century, leaving behind the original footprint and a single add-on that had been built in the 1920s.

They removed the fir panels that lined the interior, and had them reinstalled after the core of the home was carefully rebuilt. The fir panels exude a nautical aura with their subtle green cast.

Designer Davis Mackiernan made a few invisible additions made to the home, including soundproofing, delicate lighting, and central air.

To achieve their vision of elegance and simplicity, the pair had to turn down several of Sheffer’s requests, including moving the home back from the street and painting it white.

These refusals have allowed the property to retain its unique qualities – it is one of homes on the street in the Hamptons, and among the few that had not been painted.

Vintage East Hampton

Aerin Lauder’s impossibly chic Greek Revival home is the quintessential Hamptons abode with its perfectly trimmed hedges and pristine white façade and interiors. The majestic columns that frame the front porch and the spiral staircase at the entryway give this 1930s home a sense of grandeur and timelessness.

But when the businesswoman and her husband first moved in, it was a two-bedroom home with limited space.

They began expanding the home, starting with the kitchen before adding three bedrooms and opening up the living space. They hired a company that specialized in the restoration of old homes to ensure that there would be a seamless transition from old to new.

The study is painted in black, with an eclectic collection of lighting fixtures to liven up the room. Across the study, where her grandmother’s (cosmetics titan Estee Lauder) living room can be found, you’ll find an exquisite collection of blue and white porcelain on display.

Artwork and photographs grace the walls of the home.

Art escape

Interior designer Joe Nahem and architect Annabelle Selldorf worked their magic on a 1960s Modernist home owned by a Manhattan-based Swedish couple with a vast blue chip art collection.

Although Helena and Per Skarstedt initially spent their summers in Europe, the pair came to appreciate the beauty of the Hamptons, renting the home that would eventually become theirs.

They reached out to Nahem and Seldorf with the intention of creating a refined, understated, and inviting home, one that reflected their personal style.

They considered adding an extension to the property, which the Skarstedts found largely suitable, but lacking in space. They wanted an indoor-outdoor layout that would allow them to enjoy their summers in the Hamptons.

However, they settled on a new construction, with Seldorf stating that the home felt “dark and unfriendly.” A mahogany-clad home with sliding glass doors that spanned 80 feet and allowed natural light and the ocean breeze to enter was built in place of the old one.

The property features a terrace covered by an awning made with fabric and painted steel. The original courtyard, which the couple loved, inspired the new entryway with its serene, garden-like feel.

The rooftop deck commands sweeping views of Sagaponack’s famed farm reserves, and the ocean beyond the village.

Nahem took on the task of enlivening the home’s white interiors without taking the focus away from the couple’s art collection. He brought it sheer linen panels to soften the space, and placed an antique Oushak rug with a subdued pattern into the living room.

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