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A toast to Long Island’s vineyards and wineries

Long Island offers residents and tourists alike a lot to love and among these are its wineries and vineyards, quite a few of which have been producing top-rated wines in recent years.

Let’s take a look at six of the best options to find the perfect glass of wine on your next trip.

Channing Daughters

Channing Daughters is perhaps most well-known for the fact that it’s the only winery in the East End that grows most of its grape varieties. Given that the winery offers more than two dozen options, that’s an impressive feat. Even more exciting is the affordable price of the wine tasting experience itself. Visit Channing Daughters today for quality wine that won’t break your budget!

Macari Vineyards

If you prefer to support locally and family-owned businesses, then Macari Vineyards should be right up your alley. The 500-acre property has been run by the Macari family for two generations, and they’re proud to offer delicious, carefully-grown wine that shares its vineyard space with Texas longhorns and Sicilian donkeys alike! You’re sure to enjoy your visit.

Wölffer Estate Vineyard

Hamptons wine-tasting tour would be incomplete without a visit to Wölffer Estate. The East End’s largest vineyard, it is famous for its rosé and has also branched out into dry ciders as well as distilled spirits, including gin and brandy. Founded in 1988 by German-born Christian Wölffer, it has a distinctly European charm to go along with its high-quality and award-winning wine.

McCall Wines

One of the newer wineries, McCall started producing wines in 2007 (though the family has been growing grapes since the ‘90s) and has reaped a slew of awards since. Committed to sustainable, low-yield vineyard practices, they are known for their pinot noirs, red blends, merlots, and cabernet francs.McCall is also known for organic ranching and is the first wind-powered farm on Long Island.


Paumanok is an interesting winery to visit. Its name is a Native American word that means “Long Island” and it values community above all else. That’s not to say that its wine is anything to scoff at, of course. In fact, Paumanok is one of the best wineries in the Long Island area, winning international awards and local love alike.

Pindar Vineyards

If you want to be truly awed by the size of a vineyard, Pindar Vineyards should be on your “must visit” list. The winery’s products are grown on its 500+ acre vineyard and boasts 23 different varieties. This winery has grown from a family project of love to a nationally-recognized effort that produces some of the best wine in the area.

Are you ready raise a glass to Long Island winemaking? Schedule a wine tasting (or three) and have a great time!

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